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The “Third X”: Straight Edge and Sex

Or: Why I don’t think straight edge should (or does) have anything to do with human sexuality.

The third X:

First of all, I think we need to lose the idea that the three x’s that often times represent straight edge in iconography in any way represent three distinct issues. They don’t, and it wouldn’t make sense if they did. One X each for drinking, for smoking and sex? Or maybe one X for drug use (which would include both cigarettes and alcohol consumption) and one for sex? That would still leave us with an unclaimed X. Its easy to see how this erroneous belief came about, but it should also be obvious that the representation of straight edge with three x’s is nothing more than an aesthetic device, and is not representative of three specific “I don’ts” of straight edge.

On to the heart of the matter.
I think we can all agree that the primary source for the straight edge association with sex comes from a song by Minor Threat, who also (to a great degree) created the and initially spread the straight edge ideology.

“I don’t drink, I don’t smoke, I don’t fuck, at least I can fucking think”

- Minor Threat – Out of Step

Point One:
Out of Step never once mentions “straight edge” in the lyrics, yet this is where part of the straight edge community has rallied around for an explanation of where the connection with sex originates. The actual song Straight Edge only talks about drug use, and doesn’t mention sexuality at all. It presents drug use as something unneeded, and promotes “staying in touch” – maintiaing mental clarity. If any song lyrics should be taken as the basis for the straight edge ideology, then it should be the song of the same name.

Point Two:
Even if we assume that the song Out of Step is referring to straight edge, and what is straight edge, the interpretation of those lyrics has been consistently hypocritical and irrational when it comes to the part about sex. The most common interpretation of the lyrics regarding sex is a message of “anti-promiscuity” – which is problematic on its own, because, of course, it is totally open to individual interpretation. It is also problematic because the line “I don’t fuck” is the only one out of the three that is interpreted liberally instead of literally.

My argument is this: 
IF, and I’m not saying we should, we as a community are going to use the lyrics from Out of Step as a basis on what is and is not straight edge (including those three words pertaining to sexuality) then rationally we should apply all of the components the same.

It makes no sense that:
- “I don’t smoke” = I never smoke cigarettes,
- “I don’t drink” = I never drink alcohol,
- “I don’t fuck” = I might sometimes have sex in certain contexts.

For the sake of clarity and consistency, the same principle should apply to all three points in the song equally.

Conversely, if we are allowing interpretation of one item then we should allow it for all three, possibly taking the author’s own perspective into account. Ian MacKaye himself mentioned numerous times that the point was to not let anything control your thinking, and that he merely used those three as examples. He could also have been talking about (in his own example) “playing golf.”

IF, as some claim, straight edge does involve human sexuality, and we are taking our cues from that song, then people who are straight edge should either completely abstain from sex (as they abstain completely from alcohol and nicotine), OR they should be open to a less stringent “straight edge” that allows adherents to drink or smoke, but not to over-indulge to the point where it becomes an obsession and controls their thinking/lives. IF sex is prohibited depending upon context, then the same should apply to the other keystones of the belief.

The word “fuck” has been defined (self-servingly) to mean promiscuity, and not sexual intercourse. But even so, what defines promiscuity? which acts are permitted and which are not? Who is to say if a relationship is going to be long term or “committed”? In reality, it’s entirely possible to be in a relationship with someone for a year without any sexual interaction, to then have sex and break up a day later.

In addition IF we use this as a basis, and straight edge is also anti-promiscuity, then straight edge should also be expanded to include other obsessive behaviors, gambling, video games, etc, and we should see straight edge shirts with big bold letters proclaiming “GAMBLING FREE”.

To be clear: 
I’m definitely NOT saying that this is where our definition should come from. What i am saying is that it is irrational to frame things the way they have been framed (fairly hypocritically) in the straight edge community. I think the current stance on sexuality has more to do with middle class Christian values and ideas of sexuality and purity than it does with the basic principles of what straight edge is.

I feel that the whole idea that Straight edge somehow deals with such a nuanced realm as human sexuality should be dropped entirely. Not because I am some huge fan of out of control (and possibly unhealthy), obsessive sexuality, but because straight edge is about maintaining mental clarity at base, and has no rational connection to sex. Unlike the use of “drugs”, sex is a natural and healthy part of the human experience. All humans are in part sexual beings and sexuality is a very important part of human life.

In Summary:
There is no “third X”.
There is no basis to believe that straight edge should have anything to do with human sexuality.
And if it DOES have something to do with sex, then people are being completely dishonest in their practice of the principle.





TJ (tjxxx) only talks to me because he’s tryna hook up with me, same with David and Aaron. He freebases pills all day, cooks meth, and drinks more than anyone should. Definitely not Straight Edge.

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Hahaha, I love you, Nick. But for real, I’m so sick of the kids that are being hardass edge police on the internet. Say it to my face, or hell, even let me know who you are and see what it gets you, you little faggots.




TJ (tjxxx) only talks to me because he’s tryna hook up with me, same with David and Aaron. He freebases pills all day, cooks meth, and drinks more than anyone should. Definitely not Straight Edge.

OH! And he fucks everything that walks.

It’s easy to hide behind anonymity on the internet and be a cool fuckin’ dude that puts everyone in their places. I hope whoever was talking shit to Jamie follows me. And even though I know they won’t, I sincerely hope they have the balls to tell me who they are. And then the next time I see them there will be a far less anonymous confrontation.


Foundation - Against the Wall

Its always going to be this way 
somethings will never change 
the choices that we make 
and the decision that weve made 
too old to be naive too young to know anything 
and this burden is ours we’ll be held accountable 
for everyone of these days 
our actions could build monuments to what we achieve 
but these days they bring nothing nothing but rain 
and everything we built gets washed away 
but all the promise we have is still here 
sitting there blank stare swallow the knot in your throat 
and I hope we can stop our selfish ways 
standing here clenched fist spitting words for you to hear 
and its only one question that I have to ask 
have you beaten the path or has the path beaten you 
searching for something real the joy and the sadness 
the truth for as ugly as it appears like the feelings 
you got when you lost someone you loved was it too much 
and when the skies clear out their words meant nothing 
when the storm is over is anyone here 
I gotta believe I gotta believe theres something 
than whats been given but its up to us to find it 
get it through your head 
I dont care how hard you swing that hammer 
sometimes it wont make a dent!

Let’s clear some things up

about straight edge.

  1. Straight edge is about sobriety. The two core, basic requirements is abstinence from drugs and alcohol.
  2. Sex only comes into play as it relates to getting fucked up, partying, and sleeping with a different person nightly.
  3. "BUT WAIT! WHAT ABOUT ‘XXX’?! THE 3RD X MEANS NO SEX RIGHT?!?!?!" XXX was brought about well after straight edge came to be, as were many other "rules". It, no doubt, refers to Minor Threat’s "Out of Step". "I don’t smoke, I don’t drink, I don’t fuck… at least I can fucking think!" First and foremost, the original version of this song came about at around the same time the term "straight edge" was coined though this song does not directly ever mention straight edge. The song was meant to demonstrate how Ian did not partake in the usual lifestyle associated with hardcore. "I don’t fuck" was not meant to be used as a criteria to grade someone’s edge. In fact, the song was re-recorded with this spoken line in the middle "Listen, this is no set of rules. I’m not telling you what to do. All I’m saying is I’m bringing up three things that are like so important to the whole world that I don’t identify as much importance in"
  4. In conclusion, if you’re not getting fucked up and going home with a different person every night, you’re probably not breaking edge. Straight edge is not about monogamy or any sort of religious values; it’s about sobriety. You can have sex with someone and still be edge. You can have sex with someone whom you’re not in a committed relationship with and still be edge.

The ONLY requirements of straight edge is abstinence from drugs and alcohol. Some people have adopted other things they choose to abstain from as well. There’s veganism, vegetarianism, abstinence from caffeine, and complete abstinence from sex, in general. These people are not wrong, but they’re going above and beyond the core requirements.